Good Morning?!?

oh well.. this is my first post in this blog and I dunno where to start. But I guess, this is the start. I've been wanting to have a blog on my own since. But I always have no chance or shall I say, no guts to do it considering that I really don't know how to do it. Shame on me! wahehe!

But, here I am, creating my first post which is for me, exciting! and now, I can share all of my whereabouts, my everyday hobbies, errr.. what else? the food I eat everyday? sounds good too! :D

I promise you, I'll update everyday and I will even post pictures whenever I get the chance to go out and take some of them. Of course, the pictures will be from my beloved city of Davao and I might post some macro shot pictures! sounds good huh?

Oh well.. this is it.. I gotta do something before I sleep.. :D

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