Coffee Twist

While attending a meeting at Sunlife, my mom gave this drink to me since our snack comes with drinks.

It's called Coffee Twist and it's in a plastic bottle. As a coffee drinker, I'm curious on how it taste.
The bad thing is, when I drank the coffee, it has this after taste like of a medicinal syrup. I really don't like it.
Even my mom doesn't like it and she's a coffee drinker too!

I think there's something wrong with the product. I dunno but I think the flavor is too strong for me to handle.
If you wanna drink this coffee, just be cautious even you're a coffee drinker.


  1. From the name itself COFFEE TWIST. You have that twist taste of it. :)

  2. yeah.. the good thing though is I was able to finish it but the after taste of the coffee is just unbearable. Maybe I was just used to drink coffee with creamer. :D


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