Happy Trip To Happy Lemon

Hello peeps! :D

Last August 18, my plan was to visit Happy Lemon with my friends. But we had to leave and went to Abreeza instead. But today, at last! I've conquered Happy Lemon! It's located at The Peak of G-Mall. 

This is their 1st branch in Davao. Hopefully they'll open in SM Davao.

To Tea Is To Believe! To Tea or Not To Tea. Nah I just made the other one.

Can I say, the store has a LOT of customers when I arrived? Yup! after I ordered, there was no vacant seat and some of the customers were standing, waiting for their order. I told the cashier "Miss, standing ovation man ni uy!" 

This is what I've ordered. Oreo Cookies and Cream with Coffee. Regular size is 90 Pesos while the large one is 100 Pesos. The taste is just like an Iced Latte with Oreo. It's still good though.

This is the counter or shall I say: Happy Counter! :D

 Red Mango. I tried their yogurt in SM MOA. It's also delicious and tangy just like any yogurts that I've tasted. This branch has a bigger space than Happy Lemon.

This is the branch of Cafe France at The Peak. They're still on the dry-run and store blessing. But when I passed by, they're still preparing.

Conclusion: My visit to Happy Lemon was... okay.. I just had to ask the cashier next time. I usually ask them a question on what's the best-selling drink but I just forgot to do so. Sigh.. There's always a next time.

Have a good day ahead! :D


  1. so you finally made it to happy lemon.. congrats and nice blog post!

  2. Yeah! finally! maybe I should ask next time on what's their best-seller since I was not satisfied yet.

  3. been here http://madameskitchen.blogspot.com/2012/08/hawaiian-luau-party-kadayawan-sa-dabaw.html try the Lemon Green Tea and the Lemon Honey Juice.

  4. Yeah I will. I will also try their Rock Salt & Cheese Milk Tea since it's one of the recommended drinks.

  5. Try their Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese. You'll surely liked it. ^_^


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