Macro Shots @ MTS..

My love for macro shot is infinite. It can never be measured. I've started this hobby since 2008 or 2009 (I forgot the year I've started this.. damn..)

What I always do in macro shot is I find an object around the house that can be an interesting subject. Then I find the best angle for me to do the macro shot. If the subject is clear enough, and the background is blurry, I take a shot of it and review. If I'm satisfied, I save it in the camera and upload it into PC then on flickr.

But doing macro shot isn't easy as 1,2,3. You need patience on doing it. It is one hobby that you really need keen eyes and gifted hands.

These are the shots that I took at MTS. Some of the shots may trick you but you'll be surprised to know them.

This is a sticker on the wall.. :D

take a guess.

Kickin' some balls, errr I mean, straw?

It's an ice cube.. :D

Mini umbrella with a sliced mango attached to it.

Gotta love the mozzarella cheese!! 

This is a cheese actually.

Intestine? nope. It's still a mozzarella cheese. 

Eeew! But this is a sauce. Hehe!


Delicious pastry? Think again! it's a leftover! :D

Guess what.. it's another leftover..

Guess this one..

The pizza!

Pepperoni being left behind.

This is my shake. It looks like a deep well.. ;)

Well, this is it! I love macro shots because it tricks the eyes of the people that can make them guess hundred times and they'll be surprised to know about it. It creates magic to any object that is focused in the picture. They can be horrible if seen by itself but with the magic of macro, it gives a whole new meaning to it. It's why taking macro shots is a hobby that I will never abandon and I love to trick my friends with these pictures that I have now. I hope you've enjoyed my pictures and try practicing macro shots. It takes patience and creativity to achieve a perfect shot. Also find a perfect angle to catch a perfect macro shot. This might take time to catch a perfect shot but don't worry, If you've mastered the craft, you'll be addicted to it. Like me! :D

Have a good day ahead folks! Enjoy! ;)

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