Mother tongue seminar..

TGIF it is!

How can you hate this day when you just have to attend a seminar in the morning and for the rest of the day, you'll have no class!

Well, my teacher said yesterday that if I'll attend the seminar about mother-tongue, we'll have no class at this day. How can I just slip the opportunity away from my hands? of course I want to do it! ;)

Not only that, my other teacher said that we have to postpone our class today and we'll just meet next week! It only means one thing.. I have no class for the rest of this day! Woohoo! I'm in heaven!

The seminar that I attended is all about the usage of mother tongue in elementary. It's actually a good thing that I attended this seminar because it really helped me a lot especially on how to teach them to students. The thing is, I have to master it. It seems like Bisaya is my second language as of today because I could understand English more. Oh well, time to re-learn my native language. Stress!

The lesson that I've learned today is that, children could think more, participate often, when we use the mother tongue. They can express their thoughts when we let them explain in their own language and by using our own language, we could have more interaction and we can share more knowledge.

Got to eat now guys! I'm hungry..

See you! ;)

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