Sunday Trip @ SM City Davao

Well, let's say, I'm bored and had nothing to do. Let's just start.. :D
My last update with pictures was like.. a year ago? waaah!
well, this blog went to hibernation due to work and studies (?) that I had to do.

Without further adieu, here are the pictures!

This is the entrance of SM Annex. You can see the Krispy Kreme right? :D

Since I'm hungry, I went to Sbarro and ordered Baked Ziti. Well what can I say, it's now my favorite! 

What I really like about Baked Ziti is the taste itself. It's not that sweet but it satisfies my tummy even it's just a half order. And it's affordable too! It's just 96 pesos if half-order. and 100 something if full. Can't remember the exact price.

After a satisfying snack at Sbarro, I took pictures in the main mall of SM.
The renovation started last year. This is the new look of the main mall.


This is the 1st branch of Bo's Coffee here in SM. Actually, they have a 2nd one and I'll show it to you.. Later.. :D

Etude House has arrived! 

Well, we're done in the main mall, let's head back to Annex. Pictures! Again..

This is SM Annex. It is big for an expansion. 
The 1st floor is dedicated for Apparel and New Restaurants.
The 2nd floor is Cyberzone. 

Vacant Spaces. At least for now.

This is the Cyberzone. The old one was on the 3rd floor of the main mall.

Other angle.

This is it! The hotlight is coming! in October though. Last announcement was May. I dunno what happened. Oh well, we can wait for 2 months.

The 2nd bridge to main mall.

Hukad is in the house! 

Grab A Crab. Soon to open. Excited to dine here! 

This is the surprise! 2nd branch of Bo's Coffee! 

Lastly, mom bought me an original Lacoste Shoes! waaah! I could never be happier! Thanks mom!

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