A Day in Mochiko and Cello's @ SM City Davao

I have tried frozen ice cream in Mochi Creme and it's a delight! but a bit pricey though. Right now, here's another frozen ice cream store opened a few weeks ago and it's called Mochiko. It's in SM Davao-Annex between Roxy and Grab a Crab which is set to open soon.

What I like in Mochiko is the design of the store which it has a modern touch, the color is just suited with the store. It looks classy at first glance but anyone can eat their frozen ice cream anyway.

This is their first store in Davao. Nice huh! :D

These are the flavors of their ice cream. They have the special flavor of Durian which is a limited edition. 

Another array of flavors to choose from.

I ordered azuki or red bean since I've also tried one in Mochi Creme. I bought this for 70 Pesos. Pricey for an ice cream. :D

Closer look.

After eating at Mochiko, since I'm still hungry and not satisfied, the next thing in mind is to eat at Cello's. I took a loooooong walk to the main mall of SM Davao.

This is the smores. It has a marshmallow and chocolate filling inside the doughnut. The first time I ate this, it was a disaster since it was heated in the microwave in just seconds. When I took a first bite, the filling was dripping out. In short, I got messy. So this time, I don't want the smores to be heated up again or I might end again in a disaster.

Closer look. 

Mochiko Verdict: I like it! but it's not worth the price you pay since it's a bit expensive unless you are a high-paid worker, you'll have no problem eating the ice cream over and over again. :D

Smores: 2nd time around is a charm! I love it! the marshmallows we're delicious and the combination with chocolate filling was a good combo! Don't request to heat this doughnut or otherwise, you'll also end up messy like me. :D



  1. Nice pictures makes me hungry please send sample here in Manila:)

  2. you can buy them in Manila.. just find their stores.. :D


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