Baked Churn at SM City Davao

The reason I bought something at Baked Churn is because, the taxi driver has no change for my 500 peso bill! tsss...

Anyway, here's the Ube Roll that I bought.. But of course.. It's not just an ordinary roll but an Ice Cream Ube Roll..

This is the Ice Cream Ube Roll (Well, I made the name up.)

Closer look..

Ice Cream!

Conclusion: It's a yuuuummm! For 50 pesos, you have two desserts in one plate.. a cake and an ice cream.. Well it's my opinion though.

You might ask the location of Baked Churn. It's on the ground floor, in the main mall of SM City Davao near David's Salon.

Cheers! ;)


  1. mas masarap ung ice cream cone nila esp. the mango. try that too. U can order a combination of 2 flavors in 1 cone for 50 only. It's not too much for an icecream like this.

  2. I will try it soon since I'm near at SM City Davao and possibly, make a blog entry about it.. thanks for the suggestion! :D


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