Chocolate.. Chocolat... Cioccolato..

We have to admit.. we love chocolates! Some crave for it, and some just like it.. I'm part of the population who just likes the chocolates. But if I see one, it's time to indulge! hehe!

Anyway, my mom brought us some chocolates from her friend who went to Europe. It's a milk chocolate from Switzerland and it's heaven!

This is the chocolate from Switzerland. It's written in 3 languages namely French, German and Italian. This chocolate was given to me yesterday. Since the chocolate is soft, I put the chocolate inside the fridge.

I sliced the chocolate just this morning for me to eat! 

Verdict: It's just like any other milk chocolates that tastes really good! No difference of taste and texture. But the good thing is, it's not dark chocolate because if it is, I would sneeze all the way! (I'm allergic to it.)

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