Gone Krazy with Krispy Kreme and Pasalubongs

My love affair with Krispy Kreme is simply inseperable. Although I have tried J.Co Donuts, Cello's and GoNuts Donuts, whenever I see a Krispy Kreme box in the table, I just can't resist to get a piece of it! and it's just a divine to eat them! YUUUUUMMM! this is why I love food, they're simply irresistable! :D

Let's start the show, shall we? :D

Anyway, these pasalubongs that we have are from Cebu since my sister went there with the whole family including the nanny.

This is the all-time favorite of the doughnut lovers. A simple glazed doughnut. This happens to be one of my favorites. The other one was the doughnut that has a filling with a tangy taste. ;) 

Closer look.. 

These are the pasalubongs that my sister brought. Can't wait to eat them! 

I tell you, being a foodie is such a lot of fun! I'm not conscious with my diet. But I control myself if I eat too much. But of course, you've got to enjoy what life has to offer especially food! Remember, they're one of the basic needs, so... eat while you're still living in this planet! ;) CIAO!

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