My Mall Tour @ SM Lanang Premier Part 2

After the Tokyo Tokyo exclusive event, me and my 2 fellow bloggers decided to roam around the mall and explore new things since I haven't seen the fountain, underground level, SMX and skygarden.

Indulge! :D

This is the SMX. 

The Kulayful Innova! Now, who wants to own one? :D

The SMX. This is one of the 2 malls to have this convention center. The other one is MOA.

2 rooms of SMX is already equivalent to the Davao Convention Center.

After SMX, we went straight ahead to Skygarden. I went here earlier but the fountain was not functioning that time.

One of my favorite restobar in MOA. Kare-kare and adobo rice, here I come!

Another fountain. This is found at the left side of the Skygarden.

SM Lanang at night. 

Marina Tuna. Their first branch is at Sasa. 

After Skygarden, we went first to Forever 21. But we haven't explored the underground floor yet. So again, we decided to visit undeground floor. This is our 1st time to ride on a walkalator. These are my fellow bloggers.

This is the underground floor. It's more of services like haircut, cosmetic surgery, etc.

The final stop. The Fountain Court. We got so excited when we finally witness the spectacular dancing fountain that holds the title as the longest fountain in the Philippines today! How cool is that!

The alfresco area reminds me of MOA. :D

More dancing fountain pictures.

Enjoy! :D


  1. Great entry on SM Lanang. I love your shoot on SMX. May I tag this in my blog as well? Thanks

  2. sure. but just give credits to the one who own the pictures which happens to be.. me! :D

  3. woohoo! UBE much! ahahaha :)
    same tayo. ang pagtingin ko sa SM Lanang kay parang MOA :)

  4. mao jud akong makita didto sa fountain court. murag MOA lang.. :D


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