My Mall Tour @ SM Lanang Premier Part 1

While inside SM Lanang Premier, I had a chance to just roam around the new mall before the grand opening. I have to say this but it's really BIG! I explored every corner, checking out some new stores that are 1st in Davao. The good thing is, it's easy to memorize the locations and it'll not be hard to remember them. Here are the pictures! :D

 I'm with my fellow bloggers earlier at McDonald's and we decided to just walk to SM Lanang. It's very near though.

The Big Screen! It shows commercials or events that will happen in SM Lanang.

The front view of SM Lanang. Looks like an airport. :D

Closer look. 

Just a red carpet entrance. ;)

Since my fellow bloggers went to nowhere already, I decided to have myself a mall tour. Indulge with these pictures.. :D

From the 3rd floor. The event below is a Forever 21 fashion show.

This is the Cyberzone. I have seen this one like previous weeks and I thought it's ugly but when I went to the Cyberzone, It's surprisingly nice! I like it. But the Cyberzone in SM City Davao-Annex is more spacious and relaxing. 

Indulge with more pictures! :D


Watch out for part 2! :D


  1. payat ko tan-awon sa pics! yehey! ahahahaha :)

  2. lipay daw! hehe! bitaw.. unsa man diay ka before?

  3. Well this is my first visit to your blog and i must say your pics are quite cool and for example this mall tour is quite good. Keep sharing pics from your home .

  4. Thanks for reading this entry! :D

    And oh, enjoy your stay in my blog. I hope you'll visit more often.


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