SM Lanang Supermarket Media Tour..

September 27, 2012 is the day that the bloggers had the chance to take a media tour of the SM Lanang Supermarket that displays a wide array of products that specifically meets the demands and needs of the shoppers. From meat, spices, dairy products, apparels, furniture, appliances, everything is complete in SM Lanang Supermarket.

Let's take a tour, shall we? :D

Before we had a media tour, we had a pleasure to watch the employees dance with the tune of the SM Supermarket theme.. :D

These are the DJ's who guided us in the tour.

You can swipe your SM Advantage card in their "Swipe" machine to get what you need to buy in the supermarket.

Here we are inside the supermarket, geared up for the tour. :D

We're in the fruit section. Just had to do some macro shots. By the way, this is a pomelo.. :D

Don't forget the king of fruits, Durian! :D

What makes the supermarket pleasing are the carved fruits. I hope they can keep this up.

This is a ready-made food section. I've also seen this in SM City Davao. The advantage of having a ready-made food is you'll just have a short time to prepare them.

Carved fruits again.. :D

This is the vegetable section.

This is the spices section. Gotta love them! 

These are the hydroponics where they are the growing plants without a soil to reduce bacteria contamination . Expect a cleaner, healthier veggies! 

This is a poultry section.

This is a seafood section where we were welcomed with an ice-carved letters of our beloved city of Davao.

is this a school of fish attacking us? :D

This is the meat section. On the right side are the varieties of cheese.

Macro shot again. Thanks to the person who let us have a picture of this Edam cheese. 

This is the dairy section.

Grab a drink! 

Yup! We're walking and we're busy.. 

This is the food service center.

Wanna try something new? Something that is.. international? Worry no more! SM Lanang Supermarket offers international flavors for us to taste the food from other countries.

This is the pasalubong counter where you can buy for your relatives or friends who live outside Davao City or the Philippines.

Wanna win some prizes? This Yellow Tag counter offers Buy 1 Take 1 products. If you bought one of the products in this counter, you have a chance to win a prize. 

This is the apparel area where you can buy their clothes in an affordable price.

This is the appliance center. Watch out for the Buy 1 Take 1 promo! :D

This is the furniture area.

Lovely seats. :D

1st in Davao. This is called the Speed Lane where you can just pay without queuing. 

Press for help. Simply press the button and when the bulb lights up, someone will assist you immediately.

This is how it works when in Speed Lane. The customer assistant will scan your product. And if you want to buy something, they will give you the receipt and they'll pack your purchased product. By the time you're in the counter, you can just pay immediately without the hassle of queuing in the line.

This was after the media tour. :D

The tour was fun especially with the comedic scheme of the DJ's which made the tour much funnier. The bloggers also had some fun and of course, as all of us are armed with cameras, we just had to take lots of photos and share with friends.

This ends the supermarket media tour. Have fun! 


  1. I was particularly attracted to the fish area. And the quick buster is intriguing. Let's see how it works! great job SM Lanang Supermarket!

  2. Thanks! I hope they'll have 1 in SM City Davao..


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