SM Lanang Update..

I'm sooo excited for the SM Lanang Premier. But I don't want to go on the first day as it will be like a sea of people! So probably, I will visit the mall a week after the opening or if my friends would invite me to go to SM Lanang, why not!

Here are the pictures..

They're now re-paving "The Park"

The BIG atrium.. You may notice that the people are just so tiny.. This is how BIG the atrium is.. You could just run anywhere!

The Transportation Hub..

The Fountain Area

And of course.. the IMAX Theatre with a LED Billboard.. 

credits from the owner of these pictures.. thank you sooo much!


  1. Wow. When mag-open ang SM Lanang? So excited to come! :))

    Pinoy Teens

  2. SM Lanang will open on September 28 but you can also watch their lightworks on the same day.


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