The Vending Machine.. For Drinks! :D

I have seen a lot of vending machines around the city. But they're for loads, tissue, napkin, etc. and I have never seen a vending machine for drinks.

But last week outside Davao Doctors Hospital in Malvar St., I saw a vending machine but I don't know it's purpose. So, I just passed for a while. But today, I just want to try it for once. Here it is..

This vending machine has lots of drinks to offer. From lemonades, to iced tea, softdrinks, hot coffee.. The best thing is.. they are affordable.. So, if you want a quick drink in a low price, this vending machine is for you!

You may ask.. How does it work?
Well, it's actually easy. Just insert the coin or a paper bill in their slot (located in the right). Once it's inserted, you can now choose by just pressing a button below the drink you want. After choosing, you just have to wait for seconds and get your drink below the vending machine. Presto! It's now ready to serve. :D

I chose lemonade and it's just 10 pesos for 12oz. Great for a quick drink! :D

Verdict: It's suitable for those who want a quick drink and of course, the dehydrated ones. I may drop by for  a drink if I really need to be hydrated.

This is it folks! :D


  1. Hi! where we can buy this kind of machine?

    1. Hello!

      I don't know where you can buy the vending machine since I just blogged about it. :)

    2. call 09207596400


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