Bonchon Chicken: SM City Davao

Few months ago, Bonchon Chicken Philippines opened its doors to Davao as part of their expansion outside Manila. Also in the same month prior to their opening, I've tried their Ko-Yo or Korean Yogurt.

Today, actually I had no plan to eat at Bonchon but since it was just so near to where I was standing, I went inside and ordered.

This is the Fish Taco. Inside the taco is a cream dory fish, cabbage and kimchi (as what they've said). 
Price: 75 Pesos.

As I was ordering fish taco, the cashier told me that it's a bit spicy since they have kimchi inside the taco. Since I eat spicy food (started in 2005), I'm pretty sure that I can handle the fish taco.

Verdict: It's a bit spicy but I haven't tasted the kimchi inside the taco since I can identify how kimchi taste like (It's just my opinion though). The cream dory is delicious and cooked perfectly. Don't forget how abundant the cabbage is inside the taco! :D

My original order was beef bulgogi but I changed my mind. I'll try it next time..


  1. Tried it for the first time just recently. Loved the chicken - slightly better than Chicken Charlie's. I also loved the service here. I can say I will definitely be back here soon!

  2. I will try their Beef Bulgogi soon. Wait, I haven't even tried their Chicken! haha!


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