Chillin' @ Green Coffee, SM Lanang Premier

T'was last year when I tried Green Coffee at Torres St. The ambiance was very nice! I like everything in it..
But today, after a year of hiatus, I am back with a heartbeat, excited to taste again what I missed. Here at SM Lanang, I'm with my fellow blogger. We relaxed and had a small talk.

This branch of Green Coffee is located near the SM Lanang Cinema, 2nd floor. It's quite small. :D

This is what I ordered. Excited to eat again! :D

This is blueberry ensaymada. As the name suggests, it has a blueberry inside the ensaymada, butter and cheese on top. I really miss this one! This costs 95 Pesos.

Look what's inside.. 

This is the fine salt & cheese milk tea. The cheese is on top of the milk tea. Take note, expect that they'll not give you a straw. Just drink as it is. This costs 150 Pesos.

Verdict: YUUUUUMMM! I just missed the taste of blueberry ensaymada and it's just like the 1st time I ate it. The cheese, blueberry, butter, it's just a perfect combination! It's pricey though but when you taste it, you'll see heaven! The fine salt & cheese milk tea is also a must try. The cheese itself was delicious IF you love cheese. The milk tea was also delicious. It's one of their best-sellers.

As we were heading to alfresco area, we saw this:

It's the Bulgogi Brothers! A Korean restaurant that belongs to the Bistro Group along with the stores below.

The other one that will open in front of Bulgogi Brothers is the Krazy Garlik.
Well, the end.. :D


  1. Wowww... I better try this one! this looks great! thanks for the review.


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