Churros City - SM City Davao

Churros City is known for affordable churros and frappes. I first tried their product when I was at their G-Mall branch since I was hungry back then. I was instantly fell in love with the taste and it's better with a flavored dip of your choice.

Today, I passed by the bridge in SM City Davao and found their new store. It's in the bridge way (am I right?).

They also have frappes (which I didn't order) that can be a good combination of churros.

I ordered Churros with White Chocolate dip.

Verdict: It is delicious. BUT, the consistency of the white chocolate dip is not as thick as I've expected. It's watery and the white chocolate dip is not exactly white. It's kinda pink so you wouldn't guess that it is actually a white chocolate. I can taste the white chocolate though but the consistency is still not enough. Maybe they could add more white chocolate perhaps.. :D

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