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October 7, 2012 was the day that the bloggers were invited to be part of an exclusive event held at The Legacy of SumoSam in SM Lanang Premier. This resto features a different atmosphere and this branch is touted as an upgraded version only found in SM Premier Malls. SM North Edsa and MOA will also have an upgraded SumoSam soon. They also offer dishes and recipes that are exclusively served at The Legacy of SumoSam. Other branches are in Abreeza, which is the location of their 1st branch, and SM City Davao-Annex, their 2nd branch.

The invitation for Sumo Sam event

Marvin Agustin's arrival. He is a co-owner of SumoSam.

The ceiling. Can you read what's written up there?

The tower of.. chopsticks! 

As the buffet table is already filled with dishes, I had a chance to take some photos of their food.

Prawn Tempura. I've also tasted this dish at Tokyo Tokyo also during a blogger's event. 

California Roll or Maki. As always, it's everyone's favorite! Also my favorite! (Well, I really can't deny that this is my favorite kind of maki. It's just so addictive!)

This is their Sesame Chicken. What I love this dish is even though, it is spicy, it has bags of flavors! 

Chicken Teriyaki. Like Sesame Chicken, it's also sprinkled with sesame seeds. This is also a must try.

SumoSam offers some Maki dishes that are exclusive for Davao branches. As what I've noticed, every time that some Manila-based restos put up a branch here in Davao, they serve a dish that is exclusive for Davao like adding durian in their dish or some ingredients that can only be found here in Davao. And I'm happy for it! :D

Mt. Apo Roll. Exclusive in Davao branches. Durian is included in this dish. Uniquely Davao! :D

Dynamite Roll. It's one of the spicy makis that I've tried. But hey! it's also delicious! ;)

Another dish that is exclusive to Davao branches is the Crunchy Tuna Roll. It has a tiny bits of chicharon on top to give crisp to the maki.

 And the winner of the day. The SumoSam's Pride Salad! Gotta love the salad especially if it's mixed with Misu Soup which gives tons of flavors with this salad. A sure winner! 

 Since I'm done with the food, I'm now into ornaments. Notice the little black kettle, it has a Kikkoman Sauce inside.

With the owners of SumoSam and media. 

Before my favorite part which is eating time, I just forgot to take a picture of the whole buffet table. :D

Here is Marvin Agustin in the Sushi Cutting ceremony since Ribbon Cutting is already common, they've made their unique way of cutting.

Closer look. 

Tada! Anyway, this is the Dynamite Roll and it's ready to eat! Marvin Agustin did the finishing touches of this maki. Grab one! :D

After the sushi cutting ceremony, I resumed picking foods at the buffet table and this is what I've got.

As a blogger who loves food, I picked every dish that they have for me to judge which one should I order the next time I visit their restaurant. 

 The Green Tea. It's a must try especially for those who want to try something new.

Just finished my meal. YUUUM! I don't know what to say but, all of them are just so delicious! From different kinds of makis, tempura, chicken dishes, you must try all of them! A sumptuous meal indeed! I just want to order every dish that they have! :D

SumoSam employees with 2 bloggers. :D

Bloggers who are part of this exclusive event. There are some bloggers who are not in the pictures (that includes me.)

The event was successful. I have to say that it's a lucky day since we're the ones who had a chance to listen about their restaurant and the concepts, future plans and they've also entertained some questions regarding SumoSam. People outside the resto were taking pictures of Marvin Agustin while we, the bloggers were also busy taking pictures of.. the food! Thanks SumoSam for inviting us in the event! :D

  • The location of SumoSam today in SM Lanang Premier was supposed to be the location of their other restaurant, Mr. Kurosawa, a Euro-Japanese restaurant.
  • Davao City has the most branches outside Metro Manila. The other 2 are in Abreeza and SM City Davao.
  • The Legacy of SumoSam is an upgraded version which are only found in SM Premier Malls
  • 60% of their dishes are the same with regular branches while 40% are exclusive at The Legacy of SumoSam.
  • Their prices are lower compared to Metro Manila as they are using the available resources found in Davao City. 
  • We brought home giveaways! :D

  • Abreeza Branch - 3rd floor, Roof Garden beside White Hat. They have plans to transfer inside the mall area beside Shakey's. So watch out for their bigger branch. Exciting! 
  • SM City Davao Branch - 1st floor, The Annex beside Bonchon Chicken.
  • SM Lanang Premier - 1st floor, Fountain Court beside New Orleans Resto.

Ciao! Enjoy! :D


  1. I'm curious about the giveaways you brought home. :)

  2. I forgot to post it here. wahehe!

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