Giligan's says "Ahoy Matey's!"

Giligan's became my favorite when my family first dine at the San Miguel by the Bay in MOA last year. My favorites were Adobo Rice and Vegetable Kare-Kare. Last September 28, we've got to experience to dine again in their restaurant but this time, in SM Lanang Premier. Although our table was located at the dark side of the Sky Garden, it never stopped us from eating their delicious food and just like before, our dining experience was great! even though we couldn't almost see each other already.

Today, after taking the exam at Insurance Commission, I had a chance to visit the restaurant again but this time, I'm going solo. Since I'm on a tight budget, I ordered a meal that is included in 99 Pesos Meal. Yup, only 99 Pesos..

Here are the pictures! :D

We should greet each other "Ahoy! Matey's!" :D

This is what I ordered in a 99 Peso Meal. Crunchy Pork Sisig. They also have a soup made from tinolang manok. I just added 21 Pesos for the iced tea. The best thing is.. it's unlimited rice! 

Closer look of crunchy pork sisig. When it says "crunchy", it's really crunchy!

After I finished my meal, since I don't want to leave yet, I ordered Leche Flan for my dessert. It costs 38 Pesos.

Closer look. I just poured the syrup unto it just to have a better look.

Verdict: The crunchy pork sisig was really crunchy! I was used to have a sisig that is soft, sometimes chewy and spicy. But their version was lighter in color, crunchy but not as spicy as I expected but nonetheless, it was a different kind of sisig that I've eaten. Of course, it's delicious! The soup, it's unexpectedly..."Umami!" When they serve a soup, I would just set it aside and ignore but their soup got me hooked! I was like sipping on it every time! The leche flan is as expected, sweet! But they could just caramelize the sugar just for a short time since when I've tasted it, it's a bit burnt on top since it has a darker color. Overall, it's a trip that I would love to visit over and over.. again! :D

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