It's Fiesta Time! @ Piyesta KTV Bar and Resto, SM City Davao.

Piyesta KTV Bar and Resto opened its doors from Gensan to Davao City last March 2012. What makes this resto bar unique is their KTV bar located inside the restaurant. Don't worry, it's sound proof so there are minimal chances that you're voice will be heard. It's a good thing!

Though it's tempting to enter because of their mouth-watering dishes, I can't always have a right time to eat inside. They have this 99 Peso Meal which I really want to try someday when I'm hungry.

This time, I had an opportunity to be with Davao Bloggers last October 7, 2012. It's like "Getting To Know You" event for me since I'm gonna meet with fellow bloggers that are newbies and veterans (sorry for the word!). The pictures that I'm gonna show you are just one of their meals that we had. I didn't eat much since I've also eaten at Sumo Sam's in SM Lanang Premier.

This is their platter. It costs only 1000+ Pesos (can't remember the exact price), Good for 5 persons or more.

This is the Kura-Stick. The chili in the picture is wrapped. I'm skeptical about this because I thought it's a very spicy dish though they said that it's not spicy at all. When I finally tasted the dish, they're right! It's not spicy AT ALL! When I look inside the Kura-Stick, it's stuffed with ingredients (I think!). But it's delicious and this dish comes with a sauce.

Right now, I'm planning to have some lunch at this resto as what I've said, I saw a 99 Peso Meal which is a budget conscious' gold mine! But it's better to bring the whole pack in this resto as it serves big platter of food and fun! Especially with KTV inside the resto, it doubles the fun!

Location: SM City Davao-The Annex 1st Floor beside between Grab a Crab and Sumo Sam.

Cheers! :D


  1. Eat na! try their Kura-Stick. It really is delicious! ;)

  2. Thank you for this blog post Jonas... it was nice to meet you, see you around hopefully i can make time to join blogger events here in Davao. cheers!


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