Kasagingan: Eating Alone.. :D

Kasagingan is known for banana desserts in an affordable price. They can be as low as 30 to 50 Pesos and you're solved! ;)

But not just that, because they're also known for funny posters inside their coffee shop (too bad, I didn't took some photos of their posters). Despite having funny posters is also a relaxing ambiance which you can have some quiet moments, read a book, surf the internet or talk with your friend.

I ordered Two-ron which is one of the banana dessert that is famous in Kasagingan. But let me tell you something about turon. Turon is also known as turron de banana in Castillian and Banana Lumpia in English. It's made of thinly sliced bananas, jackfruit wrapped in a lumpia wrapper dusted with brown sugar and fried.

This is their Two-ron. It's drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup. This costs 35-40 Pesos.

I love their presentation as it gives an impression that this dessert is an expensive one. But they're really affordable.

See what's inside. 

The taste never changed as well as the food presentation. It's still mouth-watering and the presentation itself is enough for you to be hungry in an instant. The combination of chocolate and caramel syrup is just superb!

To visit their location, it's in Torres St. Davao City. And please, don't forget to take pictures of their posters. I'm sure you'll have fun laughing. :D


  1. I love everything in a lumpia wrapper. Seems the food is so yummy!

  2. Yeah.. it is yummy and affordable. This is why I love Kasagingan! :D


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