Krispy Kreme Davao Overload: Abreeza Branch


After years of waiting, Krispy Kreme finally landed in Davao with 2 exclusive events at Abreeza and SM Annex Branch. Media and Bloggers were invited in this event to take a glimpse of their mouth-watering doughnuts that is sure to melt in your mouth. I couldn't hide the excitement as I enter inside their store and to see soooo many doughnuts, it's like a PARADISE!

With no further adieu, here they are! :D

Here are some of the products of Krispy Kreme that you'll surely drool while just looking at them.. :D

Here comes the doughnuts! Indulge! And pick your favorite. 

Kruffins are muffins that are exclusive to Krispy Kreme. They're more expensive but they're also delicious! 

This is the Abreeza Branch. It's smaller than the counterpart which is the SM Annex Branch but this is where they create the Kruffins.

This is the counter.

Signs.. :D

You can actually see how they create flavors of each doughnut. From dipping the doughnut, to sprinkling the  doughnut with toppings. I had the chance to make one! :D

Wonder where they create delicious filled doughnuts? This machine is the answer.

Souvenirs.. :D

We had the chance to take some photos of these delicious doughnuts! :D

Kruffins by Baked Creations.. 

This is the kitchen where they create Kruffins.

After some photo ops, we were asked to order a doughnut. Of course, I just couldn't wait to eat again what I love.. NY Cheesecake! 

This doughnut is one of the best-sellers along with the popular Original Glazed Doughnuts, and so much more! 

Closer look at the Baked Creations Kitchen. :D

The lady server. Say hi folks! :D

After eating my doughnut, I also ordered one of the Kruffins which is a Chocolate Chip. For a 65 peso muffin, it's a must try! 

With the Krispy Kreme Officials. They made this possible and they're the one who brought Krispy Kreme here in the Philippines.

With the employees. They are hailed from Davao.. Actually, all employees are all from Davao.

As I was queuing to get my doughnuts, I was asked to make one of my own doughnut. I was excited to actually create my own flavor and ehem.. hopefully, promote this to the market.. :D

I proudly present this doughnut. The Chocolate-coated doughnut with sprinkles and hershey's on top. :D

Closer look. :D

The proud creator of this doughnut.. :D

And as a treat, we were treated with a dozen of doughnuts. We were also given a chance to choose our own doughnuts to bring home. This is what I got.. :D

Craving for more? Well, wait for my other entry.. This time, at SM Annex.. ;)

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  1. Wow quick post! We were indeed lucky to be part of the Media Event...I still can't get over the KK Donuts :)

  2. Yeah! You know like, every bite of their fresh doughnut is like heaven! damn! I can't get over with their doughnuts! whew!


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