Krispy Kreme SM City Davao: Eating My Favorites!

Krispy Kreme landed in Philippine shores last 2006 at Bonifacio High Street and since that time, people got crazy with their doughnuts especially their best-selling ones. They've expanded around Metro Manila like wildfire, craving for their delicious doughnuts and even from other places in the Philippines would visit Manila to buy not just a dozen of them, but a double dozen! And my family is one of those who bring boxes of  doughnuts to my hometown Davao and feast on it. :D

Today, Krispy Kreme finally landed in Davao and to celebrate in their 75th Anniversary, they've opened 2 stores in Davao particularly in SM City Davao and Abreeza on the same day. Lots of customers were patiently waiting in line, just to try what they've been craving for and it made me smile to see them carrying boxes of doughnuts to bring them home. :D

As I was in SM City Davao, since I had nothing to do and I was still hungry, I visited Krispy Kreme just to eat my favorite doughnuts. The good thing is, the line was not long. 

These are my favorite doughnuts. The best-selling doughnuts that is. :D

One of the best-selling doughnuts is the NY Cheesecake. What I love about this doughnut? This doughnut balanced the sweetness on top and the tangy taste inside. I find the taste weird at first but later on, I got used to its  taste and right now, it's my favorite! 

 And now, the everybody's favorite.. The Original Glazed Doughnut! Seriously, this doughnut magnetized every customer of Krispy Kreme. It's so simple yet delicious! Although it really is sweet, but the sweetness of this doughnut is what made Krispy Kreme popular.

Well, in my next visit, I will go out of my comfort zone and explore other flavors. I know they're all delicious BUT, the original glazed doughnuts will never be out of my list to order. I just couldn't resist! :D


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