Manila: My Family's Gastronomic Adventures, Day 1

Manila, Manila... a place where good finds are just everywhere.. But nothing can stop us to find good food! Yup! Manila has lots and lots of good restos to choose from and it's just so hard to pick one.

Anyway, here's the Day 1 of our Gastronomic Adventures.. :D

The day before our gastronomic adventures, I booked a flight from SeAir. It means, my flight is different from the rest of my family which is Cebu Pacific. Talking about traveling ALONE! :D

We left at dawn to Davao International Airport to make sure that we can check-in on time. Don't worry, we're used to early morning flights. It has been 4 times since we take early morning flights. :D

While waiting for check-in, I took a picture of DIA or Davao International Airport.

Departure Area. I was quite surprised to see so many LED Television but at the same time, it's a pleasure for me to watch TV shows and movies. In fact, while waiting, I had a good time watching a movie. :D

DIA Runway..

This is where I watched a movie.

Free Wi-Fi area. This is where you can surf in the internet while waiting for your flight. I checked my updates in Facebook and my blogs here.. :D

Gate 8. This is the assigned gate for my flight to Manila. The thing is, we had to use the stairs.

SeAir. I had to walk to the aircraft. Phew.. 

Last look at DIA.. 

I arrived in Manila earlier than the expected time of arrival. The flight was fine maybe because I'm alone. Honestly, I was scared that I have to fly alone considering that I'm always with my family in a same flight. So, this one imposed a challenge if I can fly alone. Well, the good thing is, I made it! :D

Hello Manila!

The rest of my family waiting for my arrival. Yup, our plane landed at Domestic Terminal or Terminal 4. 

After my arrival, we headed to SM MOA or SM Mall of Asia to have breakfast.

J.Co Donuts! :D

After searching for a place to eat, I suggested to eat at Sbarro since I'm a fan of it. :D

We ordered 4 half-order Baked Ziti with Meatball and Chicago White.

This is my Baked Ziti. I apologize that I have eaten my bread before I took this picture... :D

The Sbarro in MOA is big! Davao branches are just so small.

After our HEAVY breakfast at Sbarro, we went inside MOA and my sister bought something from Petit Monde. (You can see me right?)

Jamba Juice! (Hopefully, next year in Davao..)

Here we are in ice skating rink. We didn't try though, so we only have a souvenir picture.

After strolling (like everywhere), we went to SM Dept. Store to buy some souvenirs back home. 

Me and my sister got "bored", so we just took some pictures of ourselves.

Lunch time and my brother arrived. My mom suggested to go to Icebergs and just eat halo-halo while my brother will eat his lunch..

Menu.. YUUM! :D

Inside icebergs. They serve lunch as well as sweet desserts.

We just ordered Halo-Halo. But not just an ordinary one, but SUPER Halo-Halo. I wasn't able to finish mine even though I really want to. It's just I'm so full already at Sbarro.

After Icebergs, we proceeded to SM Hypermarket and bought some goods for our dinner then we went home and prepared the dinner.

Cedar Crest. This is where my brother lives (but not this exact building)

The cemetery.. I mean, the decorations for Halloween.

My mom, trying to scare someone. I hope it worked. Hehe! :D

After our dinner and swimming, Karaoke time! 

Watch out for Day 2 of Gastronomic Adventures! :D

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