Manila: My Family's Gastronomic Adventures, Day 2

Day 2 of our Gastronomic Adventures in Manila. I attended an event at this day and it will have a separate entry in my other blog. Watch out! :D

At my brother's condo. This is our breakfast.. :D

After our breakfast, my mom and Jerome went to World Trade Center to attend an event which it will have a separate entry at my other blog (as what I've said earlier.)

After the event, we went to Greenbelt at Makati City.

This is Greenbelt 3.

I was about to snatch 1 Christmas Ball until my mom caught me red-handed! Just kidding.. :D

Leaning down the... I dunno what's this.. :D

Greenbelt 5..

Inside Greenbelt 5. Gotta love the lightings! 

My sister and my brother.

 This is how great Greenbelt 5 is. Incomparable!

Want some of these chocolates? Well, I'll give a clue. They're on the 2nd floor. Good luck! ;) 

After Greenbelt, our tummy is hungry again. So we tried this resto: Mom & Tina's Bakery Cafe. 

The good thing in this cafe is, it's like dining at home. You'll feel the warm atmosphere and of course, good food! 

Blue Lemonade. I have tried Red Iced Tea, Green Iced Tea, so why not this one? :D

This is what I ordered. Paella. This dish costs 275 Pesos.

Closer look. I just can't believe that I'm able to finish this! whew! 

Fettucine Salmon. Price: 250 Pesos.

Strawberry Shake. Price: 120 Pesos

This is my mom's order. Actually, this is one of their new recipes. Price: 275 Pesos.

Meaty Lasagna. price: 185 Pesos.

Caramel Banana. Price: 130 Pesos.

Of course, this trip can never be complete without this one. ;)

And for our dessert, we have 4 delicious cupcakes to eat!

Coconut Cupcake. I chose this one coz it looks delicious. And it is delicious! 

After our dinner (which is.. heavy..), we took pictures of this building. It's just so colorful! :D 

This concludes our Day 2 Gastronomic Adventures! Our dinner was superb! And my brother bought a Civet Coffee from Davao at Greenbelt 5. ;)

Day 3 is next! :D

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