Manila: My Family's Gastronomic Adventures, Day 3 and Day 4

Day 3 of our Gastronomic Adventures in Manila.. :D

Sunday! and Sunday means we have to attend a mass. Luckily, the mass is at Cedar Crest clubhouse which is just a walk away from my brother's condo.

After the mass, me, mom and Jerome went to Market! Market! to buy some souvenirs back in Davao.

Fresh Market area. Can you spot my mom here? 
This is where we bought some souvenirs and the delicious home-made cheese.. :D

Will you look at this.. It's Davao!

Inside Market! Market! This mall has 5 floors with Metro Gaisano as their anchor store.

My mom and Jerome already left for Davao when we had this another adventure. I was the one who want to visit Bonifacio High Street in Taguig to savor the last day. But before it happened, we went swimming first then prepared ourselves to dine at Serendra.

Serendra.. :D

While waiting for our turn. 

This is Abe. We've been here since last 2009 and it was my first trip here in Manila. The dinner was sumptuous and I'm satisfied with it. Now, we're back to taste what's the best at Abe.

Again, I ordered a lemonade. I dunno but while in Manila, I'm always craving with lemonade for no reason at all. I dunno why.. hmmm... But unlike other lemonades that I've tried, this lemonade gives you a kick when you sip it. I was like "This is lemonade!"

This is what we ordered. Right side is Bihod Fried Rice (Am I right?) with chicharon on top. Left side is Pork Binagoongan and Tidtad which is a pork dish also. The meal is delicious! We just had 2 dishes but our tummy was so satisfied. It was a good decision to just cut-down our meal.

After our dinner, we explored around Bonifacio Global City and its wonders.
My brother being crazy.

The fountain at Bonifacio High Street.

Some pictures at BGC.

After being the explorers, we found Starbucks along the way. So we stopped and ordered some.. guess what.. FOOD! 

Oreo Cheesecake. I have tried this one at Tiny Kitchen, Davao. It's a must try for the cheesecake lovers! ;)

After Starbucks, since we're sooo tired, we headed home and took some pictures inside Cedar Crest. 

Final Day in Manila and man, I feel sad because it was so short yet so fun! Here I am, at Manila Domestic Airport, waiting to check-in.

Check-in counters.

My Family's Gastronomic Adventures was FUN! I have tried sooo many dishes and they were all delicious! Even though that I didn't have enough rest during my vacation, it was worth the trip! From the hustle and bustle of the streets, to the huge mall crowds, from sumptuous meals to sweet desserts, all of these are just for 4 days!

Manila is simply a Metro that has it all. Great food, elegant malls, nice crowd. Although there are bad impressions in this city, before you judge, visit this metro and experience what it can offer for you.

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