VIPinoy: A Place To Be...

Last year, VIPinoy in Abreeza opened its doors to Dabawenyos who applied for VIPinoy membership and I'm one of the cardholders.

VIPinoy gives the members the comfort that they truly deserve, perks that are simply irresistable, and my favorite.. concert passes that are given for free and a guaranteed seat in front.

For those who want to be a member and want a sneak peek to VIPinoy Abreeza, well, I will give you a free tour to our very own VIPinoy - Abreeza Branch.

This is the VIPinoy Abreeza. It's located  at the 3rd floor at the back of Ranch N Reef.

Front desk. You may inquire for the membership for VIPinoy or upcoming events.

Lounge Area where you can just relax and read magazines, or surf the internet. It's Wi-Fi anyway.. :D

Internet Area where you can use the internet..for free! :D

Video Conference - this is where you can call your family members or relatives abroad.

This is where you can make consultations about Ayala Land, Alveo, Avida and Amaia.

You can just sit, relax and chat with your friend in this area, or whatever you want to do.. 

 You can hold a meeting in this area. Behind the meeting area is for Western Union consultation area.

Requirements for membership: You may choose either onsite or online.

  • An individual who is 18 years old and above may apply for membership.
  • An application form (you may get from concierge booths or VIPinoy Lounge)
  • 150 Pesos for membership fee
  • A valid passport or a proof of remittance from your family members or relatives abroad.
  • Upon claiming the VIPinoy card, present a valid ID and the requirements. You can now start enjoying the perks and privileges at the Ayala Malls!
To know more about perks, privileges and inside VIPinoy lounge, just click this Link.

What are you waiting for? Be a member now and experience the convenience and enjoy the perks of a VIPinoy member! 


  1. Good news indeed especially family that has relatives living/working abroad. And the benefits that you get from them is so amazing, concert passes that are given for free and a guaranteed seat in front...that is more GREAT!

  2. kailangan pa ban mag pa membership para makapasok sa vipiniy lounge or pwede ng pumasok agad without membership?

    1. Good Evening!

      Yes, you need to be a VIPinoy member for you to have access in the lounge. You may visit the VIPinoy lounge for you to know the requirements for the membership.. :)


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