A Dinner @ Tiny Kitchen, Davao City

Tiny Kitchen got it's name because of its space, literally, it is tiny. They serve mostly Spanish dishes and some of their meals are named in Spanish. Some of them are unfamiliar to me though. When they moved into their new location few months ago, well, it's not so tiny anymore but they still used their name up to this moment. Well, I love the name actually.. :D

Tiny Kitchen hosted the Pre-Launching of Krispy Kreme here in Davao and they served numerous sumptuous meals for the media and bloggers and there was one dessert that I can't forget.. The Oreo Cheesecake! It was so delicious and every bite of it was like seeing heaven gradually. In fact, I said to myself that I will eat that cheesecake again and indulge it to myself. :D

I made a visit last night to eat dinner and of course, the Oreo Cheesecake. I just missed it so much! and remember, every bite of it counts.Their location is at F. Torres Street (beside Ronaldo's), Davao City.

This is the Tiny Kitchen which.. It's not tiny anymore! 
They found a bigger space to cater more customers.

This is their menu written on a chalkboard. It is easier for me to read and make an order due to big font size. 

Tiny Kitchen is also known to have delicious desserts. One of their bestsellers is the Caramel Cheesecake and I will try it someday. Indulge with my pictures! 

You've got to know this dessert! :D

This is what I ordered. It's Chorizo Y Tomate. This recipe consists of chorizo, tomato filled with cheese. It's spinkled with celery and bread crumbs. They've used penne pasta for this dish. The bread on the side is called focaccia bread.

This pasta dish is already good for 2 persons but since I was so hungry that time (I had no snacks for the whole afternoon), I had the pasta for myself. Now I know why they recommended me this pasta dish. It's just so delicious!

                      Price: 205 Pesos

This Oreo Cheesecake was the main reason why I came back to Tiny Kitchen! This indulging cheesecake is just too hard to be ignored and forgotten. With the Oreo cookie on top, it's already a perfect dessert!

This cheesecake is also different. It has an Oreo inside aside from the top which has a crushed Oreo and an Oreo cookie. This is one of the best cheesecakes I've eaten! (Of course, I still love the blueberry one!) But next time, I will try their bestseller which is the Caramel Cheesecake.

Price: 120 Pesos

Tiny Kitchen is one of the restaurants that is filled with customers and I know exactly why. They serve great food and what I love more about Tiny Kitchen is the attentiveness of their staff. They can also recommend great dishes for you to enjoy. You can also have a nice conversation with them and they can answer every question about your dish. It is something that I really like about them. Well, overall, I would LOVE to visit Tiny Kitchen and try their bestseller.



  1. Tiny kitchen doesn't look tiny to me. :) I'd love to try their food, if ever I happen to visit Davao.

  2. Yeah. It's not tiny anymore since they've moved into a bigger location. Thanks for reading! :D

  3. I guess even if this one's a tiny kitchen, it can accommodate someone with a large appetite as the food looks really good.

  4. I have to admit that even if it's good for two, I can finish it alone. Let me go really hungry and I can finish a bowl of pasta that is good for two.. haha! :D

  5. I haven't been to Davao, but I have to check this out if I do. :) I am starting to love food blogs!

  6. Sure! I can take you to a tour and maybe, have some dinner at Tiny Kitchen! Hehe!

  7. I would also love to try that caramel cheesecake

  8. Pasta and cheesecake.. can't it be more perfect? <3

    I love restaurants & cafes that write their menu on chalkboard. I don't know why but there's an appeal to them that I can't ignore :)

  9. omg! the pasta looks very tempting!!! Sad I wont get to eat them! Cannot eat any solid foods besides bickies as of now hehe But those crinkles are my faves as well! xx

  10. I love cakes, that Oreo cheesecake looks so delicious and from the looks of it makes me crave for that cake.

  11. I do look forward to eat at restaurants that have their menu written on a chalk board. Plus their menu seems affordable that guests would always look forward to go back to.

  12. the Chorizo Y Tomate looks yummy. the place looks cozy. nice to see Davao's growing foodscape :)

  13. Oh. Another restaurant in Davao to add into my to visit list. Tiny kitchen's really ain't that tiny. It's good that they relocated to a bigger place.

    Will definitely try their Oreo Cheesecake. Looks yum!

  14. Oh I love the oreo cheese cake..I'm drooling for this..I'd like to try this :)
    -SAGING 10x

    1. I would love to eat their Oreo Cheesecake again. It's been a very long time.. :D

  15. the best talaga parang nasa labas ka ng bansa pag natikman mo na mga pagkain nila. parang gusto mong balikbalikan.


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