Bistro Selera: SM Lanang Premier Branch

Bistro Selera opened its doors to Davaoenos at SM Lanang Premier last November 9, 2012 that specializes Filipino cuisine. I have tried once dining at Kusina Selera in Paseo de Legazpi and their food was so good!
With their new branch in SM Lanang, I experienced a hospitality like I never had. We were entertained by their trainor, telling stories and always asking on their service. Overall, we had a great dinner!

This is their new branch at SM Lanang Premier located at the Fountain Court, 2nd floor.

This is their Pork Ribs Inasal with kangkong underneath and atsara on the side. 

This is the Gising-Gising. It is made of kangkong stalk sliced thinly and mixed with gata. This is a delicious dish that you should try. As what they say "Everything with gata is always good!"

This is the Crispy Fried Chicken with Patata. As the name suggests, it has a fried chicken with sauce and sliced potatoes and veggies on the side. The most delicious part is the skin as it is packed with flavors.

This is the man who entertained us all along. He gamely posed for us.

I really love their hospitality and they were so attentive to our needs whenever we want something. We had a really nice conversation with the trainor who kept us so comfortable while having dinner. Their food was so good that I can't choose which one is my favorite. Overall, I had a great time with my friends and of course, I can't wait to go back and dine again.


  1. Sometimes what convinces me into coming back to a dining place is good service, like this one you described. And I agree that anything with gata is always good. Bistro Selera - I'm keeping this in mind. I miss Davao!

  2. Gising-Gising should be a recommended dish too. It's delicious!

  3. Ang cute naman ng last photo. And that gising gising ,iyan ang gusot ko itry.I am a big fan of kangkong bukod sa dyan ako pinaglihi ng mother ko.

  4. 2 versions kasi ang gising gising.. ang ginamit ng Bistro Selera is yung kangkong na version.. may isa, green beans din.. at tsaka originally, gising gising is a spicy dish whereas yung kinain namin, more on friendly version at tsaka masarap. :D


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