Bonjour Cafe France!

A trip to France is just so expensive to experience French cuisine. But in Cafe France, they're bringing French cuisine to Davao as their menu is filled up with French recipes that will surely satisfy our healthy stomach.

Few months ago, Cafe France opened its doors to Davaoenos as part of their expansion in the whole country. And opening their branch at "The Peak" is a big welcome for those who want to experience French style cuisine. ;)

This branch at "The Peak" can be easily seen once you step out of the main mall of G-Mall. But once inside, you can feel the exclusivity of the restaurant. It's conducive for those who want a quiet place to dine, or a better atmosphere to have a nice conversation with someone.

They recommended me this dish. It's Roasted Chicken with Macaroni Salad.
Price: 195 Pesos (ala carte)

They said that Roasted Chicken with Macaroni is one of their bestsellers as it's delicious and they can be served fast. After I ordered, I sat down and waited for just a few minutes. For just 3 to 4 minutes, the meal was served right away! It's true indeed!

Included in my meal is the macaroni salad.

Verdict: Their roasted chicken meal is so far, the most delightful and heavenly dish I've ever had in my life! 
The chicken itself bagged lots of flavors and it's so succulent! The sauce was just a perfect combo for the chicken! The macaroni salad was also delicious. But their roasted chicken is the runaway winner for today! You've got to try their roasted chicken and I recommend this dish to all of you. ;)


  1. I really love the food at Cafe France. It's one of my regular breakfast routines. I'll try the roasted chicken meal the next stop.

  2. Superb food, I am craving now. Their place is also cozy and clean.

  3. Cafe France is sure one great place to hang. It's a bit pricey, though. Pde na for a treat once in a while.

  4. I worked there before when their name was Delifrance. Great foods especially the pastas! =)


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