Chicken BBQ Rods is Back! @ KFC

Filipinos love to eat barbecues and I'm no exemption to that. It's always one of the dish that is being served during special occasions and it never fails to satisfy our hungry tummy.

To my surprise, one fast food chain made a difference. From just a simple chicken recipes, they made an innovation of what they're used to back then. This time, they've made their chicken skewered! And the Chicken BBQ Rods was born.

When they made this available to the customers for the first time, it was a big hit! I was also curious what it tastes like and I ordered one. It was also an instant hit to me! It was just so delicious! But the sad thing is, they have to pull out and I had no idea why.

I was again excited when the BBQ Rods were available for the 2nd time and of course, I ordered again. But for unknown reasons, they have to pull out again.

Now, for the 3rd time, they're now back for REAL! And guess what.. I ordered again! But this time, I want to share this dinner to all of you folks! :D

Chicken BBQ Rods is one of the meals that serves skewered chicken with special sauce and java rice on the side.
Prices: 89 Pesos with drinks. 75 pesos if ala carte
If you want to add one, just pay 25 Pesos.

Just like the 1st time I've eaten this meal, the taste is still the same. The flavors never changed. The sauce was so perfect with the chicken and the java rice was so delicious! Every bite was divine and combining the flavors of the chicken, the sauce and java rice was like a party in my mouth! :D

Overall, I had great time eating Chicken BBQ Rods. My mood felt better when I finished the meal. It's true indeed that the way to man's heart is through his stomach. If I eat something so delicious, I could just forget all the problems that I experienced and this meal made me forget all of them. For an affordable price of 89 Pesos, it was a perfect dinner that made my day better. But I hope they will not pull out this delicious meal this time. :D

KFC has 5 branches in Davao City.
  • 1st Floor, Abreeza Mall
  • 1st Floor, SM City Davao
  • 1st Floor, Gaisano Mall of Davao
  • 3rd Floor, SM Lanang Premier
  • Quirino Avenue 


  1. I also love eating barbeque especially if its shared among family and friends.

  2. Yeah! I can't miss a single barbecue in a party. It's a must! hehe!


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