Krispy Kreme's "Pull Apart" By Baked Creations

Krispy Kremes are not just for doughnuts or shall I say, they're expanding their menu aside from doughnuts.

Baked Creations introduced a new kind of pastry that people will surely love. They're the Kruffins and Pull Aparts.

These products are made in Krispy Kreme: Abreeza Branch. While the doughnuts are in SM City Davao Branch. Staring at them is enough for you to be hungry and buy one. :D

Pull Apart is one of Baked Creations products. In Abreeza Branch, there are 3 different flavors to choose from. They are Cinnamon (65 Pesos), Four Cheese (70 Pesos) and Beef & Cheese. They recommended Beef & Cheese since it's the one that is delicious. You can choose to heat them up or not.

This is the Beef & Cheese. Price: 75 Pesos

This is perfect for brunch especially if you're in a hurry. But this one is also perfect for snacks like I had earlier. 

Although Baked Creations products are expensive than their doughnut counterpart, it's the one that you should try and don't miss everything in it. Beef and Cheese is absolutely good! And just like they said to me earlier, I recommend this one for you to try. ;)


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