McDaddy's Cafe: An Afternoon Delight!

It was afternoon when I decided to try McDaddy's Cafe. It's located at Santos Bldg. 2, Quirino Avenue, Davao City (that's complete address!). I always pass by this cafe whenever I go to school or dine at KFC (which I took lunch earlier) so, I gave this one a try.

McDaddy's Cafe has a cozy ambiance that can make you feel at home. And I felt like I was at home away from home. ;)

What made me felt more at home was the television attached on the wall. It featured musical performances by various artists. 

As I was waiting for my order, I had some time taking pictures of their place. 
I hope they could add more cakes and pastries to choose from. 

This is their current menu. They told me that there will be new set of menu soon. I wonder what it is.

As it is located on the 2nd floor facing the Quirino Avenue, one can have a good look of the busy intersection  while having a great snack.

Or you can sit here comfortably while having a good coffee. 

I was about to order double-stacked blueberry waffle (130 Pesos) when the lady told me that I should order their cakes instead as it comes with a regular-sized iced tea. 

I ordered their Blueberry Cake with Iced Tea (115 Pesos) since it's something new for me to try. What made this dessert delicious were the frosting and blueberry. The frosting gave the sweet taste of the cake while blueberry balanced the flavor. 

While I was browsing the internet on my phone, I noticed outside that it was already raining. What made me love staying inside McDaddy's Cafe was the view. They got the perfect location as you can enjoy the view outside, rain or shine while having a great cup of coffee with a dessert. I also had a chance to watch on their television. I really felt like I was just at home, eating my food, surfing the internet, chatting with the employees (wahehe!). Overall, I had a great experience staying at McDaddy's Cafe. I might visit their place again soon. :D

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