Savoring The Goodness @ Classic Savory, SM Lanang Premier

Classic Savory opened its doors to Davaoenos at SM City Davao few years ago. Bringing with them are the classic recipes that made the Filipinos fell in love with it. 

Last night at SM Lanang, Classic Savory just gave us the experience that we could never forget. Inside their restaurant, you have the ambiance that is welcoming and warm. I appreciate the service of their crew and their attentiveness to the customer's needs. They were very accommodating. 

Now the question is.. what made their fried chicken crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside? Well, this tasty, juicy fried chicken is steamed for 30 minutes with secret spices then deep-fried. 
They also have gravy that perfectly matches with the chicken. It's made with pork bones and different secret spices, and boiled for 30 minutes.

Lumpia Shanghai is also a Filipino classic dish that is filled with ground pork or beef, spices with the mixture held together by beaten egg.
This is one of the classic dish that is served in this restaurant.

This is the Yang Chow Rice that has shrimps, minced pork, egg and green peas. It's like a complete meal already considering the ingredients that is mixed with this dish.

This is the Savory Classic Lomi Soup. It's a thick noodle soup made with vegetables, seafood and meat. Lomi happens to be one of my favorite noodle soup to eat.

Classic Savory have 3 branches in Davao City.
  • 1st Floor, SM City Davao
  • 3rd Floor, Food Court, Abreeza Mall
  • 3rd Floor, SM Lanang Premier


  1. I also loved Classic Savory. Tried all three branches at SM Lanang, Abreeza, and SM City Davao. Not the best but fairly good if you want home cooked goodness with your Filipino/Asian dining experience.

  2. yeah.. their fried chicken was good but it's meaty!

  3. tried their chicken at their abreeza branch. and we weren't disappointed, it was delicious alright. Yahweh bless.

  4. Classic Savory has also arrived in our place at Centrio Mall, now there's no reason for me to dine there na since i've read a couple of good reviews.

  5. you can still try to dine so that you can judge if it's good or not. :D

  6. Super love the food here. Classic Savory fave ng mother ko to dine in.

  7. yummy... I only know about their SM City Davao Branch. I didn't know they have branches at Abreeza and SM Lanag too. their Lomi looks delicious (based on the picture), now I'm craving...

  8. Im seeing a lot of posts about SM Lanang. Very nice place. And SM wont really stop and bringing everything closer to Filipinos. Hope to visit davao sooon

  9. Naalala ko tuloy yung late dad ko. kasi he always treated us sa Savory twice a month. doon pa sa may Roxas Boulevard.


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