Welcome Home @ JavaJive!

JavaJive opened its doors to Davaoenos last Saturday, bringing new flavors and new concept. JavaJive is not just a coffee shop, it's a coffee shop that can make you feel at home thus when they greet a customer, they'll always say "Welcome Home!" as they want you to feel like you're at home.
I love the Java Jive and it loves me! 
My first visit at JavaJive was so wonderful. It was like you're at home already and with the warm greetings of their staff made me feel more relaxed and welcome to stay for as long as I like.

The piano keys are placed above the coffee shop. JavaJive is not just your ordinary coffee shop as it also promotes music especially OPM. So whenever you stay inside, it's always OPM.

Broken Piano Keys

JavaJive is also proud to have an ambassadress in the name of Juris. She is one of the most sought artist in this generation. Even though it's a life-size picture, at least, I know what she looks like in personal.. :D

Cakes and Desserts
JavaJive has wide selection of food. They don't limit themselves for just a coffee and desserts. They also serve pasta, milk teas and even rice meals which other coffee shops don't have. If you want to have a good breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can just drop by and eat their Original Pinoy Meals (OPM).

Here are some of their specialties of JavaJive! indulge!

This is the Juris Red Velvet Cupcake. It is named after the ambassadress and singer Juris. The ingredients of this cupcake are imported and it's one of the special cupcakes at JavaJive.
Price: 75 Pesos

  I ordered their Wintermelon Milk Tea which is their specialty. You can choose to add extra ingredients and I chose to add egg pudding. Milk tea with pudding is always delicious. 
Price: 100 Pesos

In my second visit, I tried their ChocoLava ala Mode. What made this ala mode different is the chocolate cupcake that is burting with chocolate filling inside. This made their ChocoLava ala mode more delicious!
Price: 95 Pesos

My third visit in JavaJive was extra special as they allow Davao musicians to perform on JavaJive stage. 
Shelley and Luckee performed one of their songs. :D

My SSC Davao friends also made a visit to JavaJive. Hi guys! :D

During the Bloggers event last November 18 2012, the bloggers had the chance to taste some of their specialties including the most expensive coffee which is the Davao Civet Coffee. Other specialty drinks were also served to us.

The experience that I had in JavaJive was awesome! It's totally one of the coffee shops that I can proudly say that is purely made in Davao. The food, ambiance, everything is perfect! 
JavaJive gave me the experience that I could never forget and cherish them all over again. I'm sure that I'll always have time to visit the "Home Away From Home." 
They're located at Centron Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City.

I'll be home at JavaJive next time! See you and "Welcome Home!"

Trivia: (I love this part! :D)
  • JavaJive only plays OPM songs. You'll never hear foreign artists singing. :D
  • The only coffee shop that serves rice meals. In case you forgot to eat your meal, you can order at JavaJive.
  • JavaJive is inspired by music thus it reflects with their interior design and architecture.
  • Some of their meals in the menu have some musical terms. 
  • The best part, they're open 24/7! 


  1. Winning combination they have there. Nice music...great food!

  2. Great photos! I also agree that they do offer something unique to Davao. However, I don't think their food is up to par with other restos or coffee shops. I was also slightly disappointed with the service last time I went there. Hopefully, they can improve on that.

    If you'd like to read my review, you can check it here: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2013/05/java-jive.html


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