Beloy's Boneless Lechon Belly @ NCCC Mall, Davao

In the Philippines, it's always a tradition to have a lechon during parties or special occasions. Whenever there's a lechon, it's always the first target and what they usually get is the belly part of the lechon because the meat is there and it's one of the delicious part along with the skin which is the second target.

Just last week, Beloy's Boneless Lechon Belly opened its 1st branch in Davao City, bringing the Cebu taste of lechon to Davao. The location is at the grocery area of NCCC Mall, Ma-a.

What made this lechon different to other lechon is, it's boneless and it's packed with flavors that you don't even need a sauce!

This is their 1st branch and it's in Davao. They also have plans to expand around the city. Usually, they'll be mall-based branches.


This is Ian Evangelista who entertained our questions about Beloy's and other plans.

Here's the boneless lechon belly. Why they chose belly? It's because most of the meat are found in the belly and it's always the target for lechon lovers, so, it's an assurance that you can get most out of the boneless lechon.

The weight of the whole boneless lechon belly is 4 kilograms and this can be shared up to 20 persons. The price is lower than the ordinary lechon. Take note, they're all meat and you'll have fun eating the boneless lechon belly!

Here's what it looks inside the lechon belly. It is pure meat and most of the Cebu lechons are stuffed with lots of herbs and spices which gives a great aroma to the lechon. Beloy's lechon belly also has lots of herbs and spices inside.

This lechon has a salty taste and it's why there's no need for a sauce to dip in but they can also provide a soy sauce just in case you want more flavor to the lechon. But honestly, it's already delicious as it is.

You can already tell that it's delicious by the color of its skin. It is reddish and I knew that it's gonna be crunchy when you take the first bite.

The skin of the lechon was crunchy and easy to chew, unlike other lechon when you really need the strength for you to bite the skin. The skin itself was packed with flavors and the amount of salty taste of the skin was just right.

The meat itself is also delicious! With the help of various herbs stuffed in the lechon, it gave so many flavors to the meat! It's like I'm eating a liempo minus the sauce. What I can see inside are lemon grass, onions, black peppers and other secret herbs.

With the fellow bloggers who were invited to taste the tempting lechon belly.. :D

Of all the lechons I've tasted, Beloy's lechon is the most flavorful lechon I've tried. It's packed with so many flavors and we had a good time feasting on it! I usually avoid lechon during parties and occasions but their lechon changed my mind. Well, if there's a lechon that I want to eat, It's Beloy's Boneless Lechon Belly. It's simply the best lechon in town!


  1. Are they selling that per kilo gram? and how much?

  2. You can order per kilogram. I believe the whole boneless lechon price is 2,150 Pesos.

  3. One of the malls in Davao that I love to buy lechon in there.


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