Buongiorno! @ Giardino Gelato, SM Lanang Premier

Giardino Gelato
Giardino Gelato opened its 1st store at Abreeza with its delectable choices of ice cream being displayed at their store.

Just after the Christmas Album Tour of Miguel Antonio last week, me and my friend had the chance to try their ice cream! The location is at the 2nd floor between the Bulgogi Brothers and Krazy Garlik.

This is their location in SM Lanang Premier.

Gelato tends to be creamier than an ordinary
ice cream and it comes from an Italian word that means.. ice cream!

Here in Giardino Gelato, they have lots of flavors to choose from. Their best-sellers are Ferrero Rocher and Mint.

I ordered their regular size at 70 Pesos. You can also combine 2 flavors in 1 cup. The other prices are 100 and 140 Pesos if you want to order a bigger cup.

So, I ordered Stracciatella and White Chocolate.

Although their ice cream is a bit pricey, but after tasting it, I forgot how expensive it was! I was like eating their ice cream without thinking of the price.

Between Stracciatella and White Chocolate, it is the White Chocolate that I found more delicious. It is also one of the recommended flavors and I just made a good decision on it!

I would like to try their ice cream again and of course, I want to explore new flavors and that Ferrero Rocher! If Giardino Gelato will have a new store, I want it in SM City Davao so that it will be near for me to indulge their ice cream!

And oh.. Thanks for reading! :D


  1. Gelato - italian ice cream ! I wonder if I will convinced that the Italian ice cream is better than any other ice cream...have to find out at Giardino.

  2. They said that Italian ice cream is much thicker. I can't say it's more delicious though. It's just thicker.. :D


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