Experience "Hogspitality" @ Hog's Breath Cafe Davao - SM Lanang Premier

"The Home of Hogspitality" is what they're known for. Hog's Breath Cafe has been in the business since 1989 in the country of Australia, serving the best steaks in town. Today, they've opened a total of 75 stores around the globe including Singapore and Thailand. The location is in the 1st Floor of SM Lanang Premier at the Fountain Court.

They will be having their soft opening at SM Lanang Premier on December 13, 2012 and this is their 1st branch in the Philippines and it's in Davao! Not only that, it's their biggest branch too! How cool is that! (wink! :D)

But today, I was one of the lucky winners to try their best dishes that made Hog's Breath Cafe popular. I also brought my mom to be with me. All I can say is.. A supposed to be "taste test" event turned into a "full course" dinner! :D

Without further adieu, let's start! (This is a long entry so, have fun reading!)

Inside Hog's Breath Cafe
As we went inside the restaurant, we were greeted by their hospitable staff. We felt so welcomed to be at their resto. The space is so big! It's a proof that this branch is the biggest of all their branches.

Bar and Cafe
Hog's Breath Cafe won't be a cafe without a space for their bar and cafe. They also serve fine red wine, margaritas and coffee. The resto is also filled with.. Televisions! They've surrounded the resto with televisions. You'll not just have a great food to enjoy but you'll also have a leisure time watching you're favorite movies inside. 

Function Room
Inside the resto also comes with a function room that can be divided into two. Or if you have big events, they can just remove the divider to cater more guests.

The waiter gave us a menu with the dishes that we can try for the taste test event. They also have a separate menu for the drinks.


But luckily for us, they also gave their full menu when they'll have their soft opening! We've wasted no time to take some pictures! :D

Here are the list of dishes in the menu. 

While waiting for our order, I took pictures of their picture frames. It's interesting because it looked like they're vintage. 

I also took pictures of the plate numbers when my mom noticed them. Every plate number represents different states of USA and Australia. The plate numbers were just everywhere! It's just so nice seeing different plate numbers! Just sharing.. :D

To start off our "taste test" dinner, we had an appetizer. Prawn Tempura consists of prawns, sweet potato chips with sweet & spicy sauce, a lemon and a vegetable side dish. Well, I actually squeezed the lemon around the dish and it brought a good aroma to the chips. :D

The prawns were delicious! one order of this dish is already good for two and we made the right decision about it. Yey! :D

The sauce was outstanding! It has a balance of "sweet" and "spicy" taste to the dish. I love the dish! I believe this dish has 8 pieces of prawns as far as I can remember.

For the main course, we ordered Natural Prime Ribs Steak. The meat itself is 200 grams. This dish also has steamed vegetables which includes corn, carrots and broccoli. It also has twisted fries on the side. You can choose on a meat temperature for the dish. My mom chose "Well Done." 

The meat was so thick that we have to share the steak for us to finish. The beef was not chewy which I really love! It was tender and juicy. The fries were delicious and also the steamed vegetables! I had fun eating the fries! I totally recommend this dish for the beef lovers. :D

For the pasta dish, I ordered Spaghetti Aglio Olio which means "Olive Oil Spaghetti." This dish has olive oil, sprinkled with parmesan cheese and an herb (which I failed to ask), tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes and garlic bread on the side.

This dish may not be suitable for those who are used to "sweet" taste of spaghetti, but I personally love this pasta dish! I love how simple the taste is, considering that it's just mixed with olive oil. My mom didn't really like the taste, so I finished the pasta by myself. :D

This is us, enjoying the meals. :D

For our desserts, my mom ordered Apple Crumble. On the side, it has an ice cream and whipped cream, drizzled with caramel syrup and sliced strawberry on top. 

the taste reminds me of my sister's Apple Pie. The cinnamon didn't overpower the dessert which I really like. It's sweet and delicious! The strawberry also goes well with the dessert. A must try. 

I ordered Mississipi Mud Cake. It has chocolate syrup around the plate, an ice cream and whipped cream on the side and a sliced strawberry on the top too! 

What can I say! This dessert was a jackpot! Even my mom loved the dessert! The cake also goes well with the ice cream and whipped cream! The combination was superb! 

It's me and yes, the marketing manager herself Miss Roxie Macasaet while I was recalling our ordered smoothies. She was so kind and accommodating to us. We really had a good conversation with her. :D

For our smoothies, I ordered Banana Smoothie (left), and my mom ordered the Tropical Smoothie (right).

While drinking my smoothie, I'm used seeing sliced orange, lemon, calamansi and mango on the side. Well, Hog's Breath made a difference by putting a sliced banana on the side. Well, it's unique and also caught my attention. :D

Well, it's a cherry on a smoothie! :D

On the left is Miss Roxie Macasaet. On the right is Ryan. 
They were so accommodating to us while we had a dinner.

My mom, Roxie and me.

Thank you so much Hog's Breath Cafe Davao for a wonderful experience. I felt at home while having a sumptuous dinner with my mom. The employees were so accommodating to us. Miss Roxie Macasaet was so kind and down-to-earth, sharing experiences here in Davao. Although the taste test event delayed for a week, it didn't matter anymore. 

They were prepared in the right time and served us mouth-watering dishes and desserts for us to enjoy. I totally recommend this to my friends especially if there are special occasions. I'll be back for sure. 

Thank you Hog's Breath Cafe Davao! 


  1. Nice blog post. I read the whole thing. Your food reviews are getting better and better!

    1. Thanks Chris! I always try to improve my food reviews.. and I think I'm getting better.. :D

  2. I like the name and the hogspitality term. It looks like they would have excellent food and great concept of a restaurant here.

  3. I agree! Hog's Breath Cafe is a world-class restaurant and I got we were one of the lucky few to sample it before the rest of Davao. I've also written my own post about my experience here: http://davaofoodguide.blogspot.com/2012/12/hogs-breath-cafe-davao-where-they-do.html

    Highly recommended!

  4. With a service track record since 1989, hog's breath is a must try. The food really looks great.

  5. Lucky you. All the food looks mouthwatering. I like the place too and very cozy plus good service and nice smiling staff. I hope they stay that way and not because they are new or because you are a blogger.

    1. they're also nice to other customers as well.

  6. this is great idea!! haha I would love to have my own as well somwehere in tagaytay. Which will be open 24hours and a cafe' and turned bar and family restaurant. haha Its always so homey to eat indeed if the crew are very accomodating xx

  7. Hindi na ako mag babasa ng blog pag tanhali nagugutom ako. Yung ribs at prawn gusto ko din nun.

  8. The foods they offer looks delicious. The theme of their resto looks nice and cool too.

  9. Nice review Mao... I'm surprised to see you here in the blogosphere :)

    1. Ganessa! you have a blog too? I wanna see it! :D


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