Shogun Burger @ Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo's Shogun Burger was advertised on the television few years ago. In the commercial, it looks appetizing and it made me want to try one. But since Tokyo Tokyo back then was not available here in Davao, I could just look at it, drooling. 

But now, since Tokyo Tokyo is now in Davao and it's located at SM Lanang Premier, I had the chance to try the Shogun Burger.

It was just last week after the Nutcracker Event at the atrium, 
I was looking at the place for me to eat since I was hungry. 
Then I found Tokyo Tokyo.

The price is 95 Pesos and it's reasonable enough for a burger. 
The burger consists of a patty, onion rings, cheese and special sauce (forgot the name. again.)
Shogun Burger
Maybe, my expectations were too high. As I was eating my burger, it's nothing but.. ordinary. 
I was looking something different about this burger but, it's nothing. It's a plain burger. Really.
 I was quite disappointed considering its price. 
I should just stick with their Beef Sukiyakidon next time. *Sigh*

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