The French Baker @ SM Lanang Premier

Few weeks after my first entry about The French Baker, yesterday, I went to their newest branch at SM Lanang Premier. Although my 1st plan was to meet my fellow SSC Davao Members but since all of us were scattered, I decided to visit The French Baker.

This is their newest branch. 
I've seen their store a lot of times already in Manila 
but I didn't have the chance to try their food while in there. 
Well, they're now here in Davao so, I don't need to fly to Manila just to try their food. 

While waiting for my order, I had the chance to take some pictures of their new branch. I must say, it is so accessible to the shoppers and mall rats who wants to have a quick snack or lunch and dinner.

This street sign also caught my attention. It added a touch of a "Little Paris" inside SM Lanang Premier. I love the street sign actually. :D

I find this wall lamp really beautiful! It added an impression that of a fine-dining restaurant. It's just my own opinion though. Wahehe! :D

Most of the products served at The French Baker are bread and pastries. But they also serve Pasta, Beverages, Salads, Soups, etc.

In other words, they have lots of choices to offer.

The prices are also reasonable so if you want to have a good snack or sumptuous lunch, The French Baker is a good place to dine.

This is their menu. Just take time to read them. :D

This is Blueberry Danish. It has a Danish bread with a creamy bit and blueberry in the center. The one who works in The French Baker told me that this Blueberry Danish is one of the delicious products. So, I bought one to try it out.

Price: 63 Pesos

The Blueberry Danish was served hot and it's the reason why their bread is soft but got to love the crust! The danish bread complemented very well with the creamy bit which was rich and sweet. The blueberry on top neutralized the flavor of the creamy bit.

My visit at The French Baker was good actually. They didn't care if I take pictures of their branch (maybe because they knew that I'm a blogger?) but the good thing is, they were able to answer my questions about the Blueberry Danish, other specialties and their best-sellers. I wanna try their meals next time. :D

Merci Beaucoup! 


  1. I remember French Baker was among the first Pastries and I love their food offerings.

  2. I haven't visited this branch yet :) Kakauwi ko lang from a week long vacation. Hehe I also love French Baker!

  3. all danish bread and patries are good! I have a friend who bake them and really taste so yummy! this place is a must to visit indeed! xx

  4. The French Baker was the very first classy pastry shop I got introduced to several years ago....but with the introduction of many other similar shops...I kinda forgotten all about it...Not too many shops kasi

  5. you have a very nice food blog.

  6. I couldn't be more excited that they're finally open! I will give them a visit this weekend. :) Can't wait to blog about my dining experience, too!

  7. French Baker is one of my fave shop where I get my pasalubongs for my friends and family. I agree, you should check their meals too. You will super dooper love them.

  8. I new concept from French Baker. I love the way how they have set it up at the center of the all. Might I say that their pastries are timeless.

  9. Before I thought that French Baker only offers pastries and bread. Then I cam to know that it also has viands like pastas and rice meals. Very nice huh. :-D

  10. That French Baker setting is quite different than what we have here in Cavite. Hmm, I think that is their newest cafe style.

  11. French Baker is good stuff.They sell fresh bread and deli everyday.

  12. It's been a while since I've last paid a trip to French Baker. I miss their breads! Anyway, their store in SM Lanang Premier looks so nice! :)

  13. Hey Jonas, I finally blogged about this resto - hope you and your readers can check it out :)


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