The Peak - Gaisano Mall Of Davao

Years ago, the topmost floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao was a big parking space. Some people would just sit, relax and enjoy the cool breeze while having a good time. I remember taking pictures of Davao skyline and it was awesome!

Just last year, they've transformed the parking space into one of the most beautiful attractions. You may not even recognize that it's in Davao. Numerous establishments opened and up to this day, there are restos that are still under construction.

Now, I'm presenting to you... THE PEAK! :D

The Peak started its construction last 2010, transforming the big parking space into a space that people can dine and at the same time, stroll like they're in the park.

Since the completion, mallgoers flocked to "The Peak" to get a glimpse of what it looks like. There were "photo shoots", restaurants were filled with customers.

Since Christmas is near, poinsettias were displayed around "The Peak"

From a parking space into a beatiful dining and leisure destination, who would imagine that? Well, the Gaisanos did. ;)
If you want to visit "The Peak" it's in the topmost floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao. There are numerous restaurants to choose from. But if you only want to take a picture, it's also cool. Enjoy! :D



  1. One of the nice malls in Davao I want to visit with friends. Be there soon! Thanks! :)


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