Ice Blended Coffee @ Churros City

A day before Christmas, it was also the perfect time for me to shop for some gifts. Talking about being so late! :D
After shopping, I decided to have a drink at Churros City. I got curious on the Ice Blended drinks in their menu. The prices were affordable so I ordered their Ice Blended drinks. I chose Cappuccino.

This drink consists of cappuccino (of course!), whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top. 
Price: 40 Pesos for regular and 60 Pesos for large.

I was satisfied with the taste especially the sweetness of whipped cream. 
Although it may be too sweet for others but I like it!
The best thing to do is to stir the drink to spread the flavors and sip it. 

If you have plans to have an affordable but delicious drinks, Churros City is a good choice. 
Their Ice Blended drinks are one to try on. I guarantee you'll not be disappointed. It may be too sweet for others but unlike other Ice blended drinks being sold at coffee shops, I assure that you can finish the whole drink, still hoping for more. In fact, I just ordered their drink today. It's a proof how delicious it is.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That is an affordable way to treat a sweet tooth. I love their churros too.

  2. That means, I will be looking for Churros City when I find myself in Davao once again.

  3. I never been there but with your post I will be considering that in my future visits.


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