Partea! Partea! @ Davao City!

"Tea Has Never Been So Much Fun!"

Before, milk tea was not popular at the local market. in fact, there were just few tea shops with few customers at that time until one tea shop opened in one of the malls here in Davao and everyone wanted to have a taste of it! They were so into it that the tea shops were so busy especially when it's in peak time. I admit, I was also one of them! :D

Since then, I got addicted to it and loved its taste. I would buy one if I have the chance. Sometimes I would drop by in a near milk tea shop just to indulge their milk tea.

Last January 25, 2013, bloggers were invited to an opening of Partea! Partea! just in front of Ateneo de Davao University in Jacinto St. As a milk tea addict (yes, an addict!), I was excited to try their milk tea and how it tastes like.


The store. Their location is so perfect for the students who want to have a good tea while bonding or studying

The blessing and the ribbon cutting.

This is how it looks like when you enter Partea! Partea! Notice the chairs that have 2 colors. Red and green.

This is where you make an order. Their staff was attentive to us when we made an order and yes, they remembered what we ordered. Cool!

Here is their menu. I've seen the other one which was bigger but I didn't took a picture of it. Sorry. :D

As for the prices, it's reasonable enough since their target customers are the students.

Here are some of the milk teas that they've ordered during the opening.

This is what I ordered. It's Pudding Milk Tea. I first tried this just last year (the milk tea craze!) and I instantly fell in love with it! I think it's the pudding that made the drink delicious. With this version of Pudding Milk Tea, their pudding is softer. Though it has a slight bitter taste to it, it's still a good drink for those who love milk tea.

Price: 59 Pesos

Gotta love the cover! It represents an animal in a Chinese Zodiac Sign. This one represents a snake (though I want a dragon, it doesn't matter. :D) There are certain drinks that doesn't need a cover (for instance, their winter melon milk tea.)

If you want to have a good cup of milk tea and you're near to their location, try to visit Partea! Partea! and try their milk teas. Thanks Mark for the invitation and I had so much fun with the bloggers! Hope to see all of you again. soon!

Thanks for reading! :D


  1. Let's follow each other sa GFC Jonas :)))

  2. omg! so nice! i am a tea drinker even here in singapore before they even have opened those famous koi bubble tea's they already have them in hawker centre's!xx

  3. Wow, I see their pudding milk tea is very affordable. It is also one of my favorite milk teas to order. I think partea partea is such a creative name for a milk tea shop. too

  4. PARTEA PARTEA a new place to love by TEA LOVERS. Hoping for more branches here in Davao.

  5. I'm sure with their catchy name (ParTea ParTea), they would attract both lovers and non-lovers of milk tea. I hope they branch out in Manila soon.

  6. looks like the milk tea craze got into Davao too! the only difference is that the drinks are way more affordable on your end. i love tea and I have been going rounds in the metro to try every brand I get my hands into. enjoy the drink! :)

  7. I like milk tea, it is flavorful and creamy. Love to pair it with chocolate cake.

  8. Pudding Milk Tea is love! Their prices seem more affordable than most tea shops now. Where did their brand come from? Local or from an international franchise?

  9. Milk Tea had been a craze in SG and Malaysia few years back, so options here were endless. Good thing local franchise are sprouting in the city to compete the big brands like Chatime.

  10. The place looks cool, I will try to pass by Jacinto St. and try what Partea Partea is offering =)

  11. Cool ! Is there a wifi connection btw ? :)

    1. I don't know if they have wi-fi connection. You can visit their place to check it out.. ;)

  12. How is it related to Iligan City's ParteaPartea? They both have the same names and colors, and the logos look alike.


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