Max's Corner Bakery

While I was in Abreeza last January 21, 2013, I was in search for something that is affordable and at the same time, a snack that can fill up my tummy without guilt (yup! I'm bigger than before!). For that, I've been careful to what I eat. From trimming down my rice intake, to constantly drinking glasses of water everyday. Sometimes, I would not order a soda but just a glass of water for me to keep healthy. :D

Luckily, I found a restaurant that met my needs! And surprisingly, it's only at Max's Restaurant in Abreeza! Cool right? :D

As I was browsing at their menu, all of their baked goods were so affordable that I can even order lots of them! But at that time, I was being careful not to spend too much on my money as it's depleting continuously. Poor me. (sigh!)

Here is their newest addition to their restaurant. From baked goodies to pastries, they're all here! The great thing is, they're so affordable!

Here are some of the products that are being sold at Max's Corner Bakery.

If you want to know the price of each product, you can always browse them here. 

Here's what I've ordered for my guilt-free snacks. On the left is the Cheese Roll while on the right is the Mocha Roll.

Price: 25 Pesos Each

The mocha roll, when it's sliced, it's soft and fluffy, just as what I've expected. But the filling itself is rich and delicious. It satisfies those who just wants to have a quick snack like in my case. :D

Honestly, I haven't tried this one yet! But of course, exploring new flavors are lots of fun! Therefore, I ordered this one. This Cheese Roll has a balance of flavors. It's coated with butter and sugar which gave a sweet taste while the cheese inside has the salty flavor.

I think this was an answered prayer when that day, I was looking for a place for me to eat that can't hurt my wallet so bad. Coincidentally, Max's Corner Bakery just arrived the day that I badly want to have snacks! As you can see in the picture, all of the stocks just arrived that day and I was so happy that there were so many choices and yes, I had a hard time choosing for me to eat.But I left happy with my tummy being satisfied. For my next visit, I'll try their Merienda Mix if I want some snacks. Until my next visit at Max's Restaurant!

Thanks for reading! :D


  1. anothe nice post about Max's Bakery Corner.

  2. It's nice that Max's is also highlighting their bakery because aside from their chicken, their pastries and sweets are also great.

  3. I've only been to Max a couple of times but I didn't spend anything because someone else paid for the food... Max is a nice restaurant but, personally, it's way off my capacity to spend on food...

  4. so want the cheese rolls! great bakes there indeed! xx

  5. They opened a Max's Corner Bakery here in CDO too and I've been trying to try their stuff there. Your post reminded me to just go check it out. ;)

  6. I've always loved Max's caramel bars. I keep popping them in my mouth one after the other.


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