Trying Out The Coffee Bun @ Cafe France

I've known this kind of buns when Kopi Roti opened their branch here in Davao few years ago (And they're still kicking! :D) and I'm curious on how it tastes like. They said that it's delicious but with a not-so-friendly price though. 1 roti bun will cost you 49-50 Pesos each! What the... :D

But today, I gave the Coffee Bun a try and the good thing is, Cafe France here in Davao (specifically in G-Mall 1st floor branch) is having a "Buy 1 Take 1" promo everyday on selected products starting 6 pm and on Fridays, it will be whole day! How cool is that!

This bun, if not baked, it is like a size of a human fist. But when it's done, well, you can take a look at the picture. Coffee Bun has this brown crust unlike an ordinary bun that has a cream color. I recommended to heat up the bun first before you eat. :D

Price: 49 Pesos (Buy 1 Take 1)

Roti Buns are always delicious and their Coffee Bun too! It's like eating a coffee in a form of a roti bun. The crust, I must say that it's the most delicious part! But the bottom part of the Coffee Bun is oily so be careful. It's still fun to eat nonetheless. :D

Actually, because I drank a green tea, I only had 1 roti bun for my dinner and I was not hungry. Green tea really helped control my appetite! haha! But hey, it's a good thing!I took home the other one and ate it too!For those who want to try their Coffee Bun, just visit the nearest branch and I'm sure you'll love it too! :D

Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. The bun looks tasty, wanna try this with hot coffee. Yum, yum


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