A Taste of Italy @ Gelatomania Davao


A taste of Italy would never be complete without trying the rich, creamy and thick gelato. Whenever I hear "Gelato," I would immediately think of an Italian ice cream that no one could ever resist. Well, what made their ice cream different from others?

By just the looks of it, you can already see the difference. It's thick and when you scoop it out, it's soft and creamy that everyone would be enticed to see. Feeling hungry? Well, if you crave for a cold retreat from a hot and humid weather, why not try Gelatomania?

Array of Flavors
Gelatomania is conveniently located at Door 3, Gahol Bldg. Torres St. just beside Phoenix Gasoline Station. If you can find the gasoline station, you're near to it! :D

Gelatomania is owned by Italian chef Francesco and Sir Cesare. They brought the ice cream machine from Italy! It's an assurance that what they make here in Davao is authentic and delicious gelato. The regular price is 70 Pesos.

Zuppa Inglese and Oreo
During the pre-opening event, bloggers and guests were invited to taste their different flavors of gelato. Watching them scooping out the gelato made me like a kid, eager to taste their gelato. The first 2 I've tasted were Zuppa Inglese and Oreo combined. Zuppa Inglese is indeed a sweet gelato while Oreo flavor was also good, considering that it's my first choice and an eye-candy. But the 2 flavors that I chose are indeed creamy, the consistency is thick and.. DELIZIOSO!

It's indeed a home of an authentic gelato! Thank you Gelatomania Davao for delicious gelato that we couldn't forget. I would recommend this to my friends who loves gelato as much as I do. Thanks Sarah Jean Gavile for inviting us!

If you want to know more about Gelatomania Davao, click the following links:

Like them on Facebook: Gelatomania Facebook Page

Follow them on Twitter: Gelatomania Twitter Account

You may also reach them by calling their phone number: 285-99-72

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