Antonio's Bar & Grill Presents: The Antonio's Love Story

Can you feel the love this February? Well, everyone of us are already feeling it! And what more could be more exciting than dining at Antonio's Bar & Grill!

For this month, Antonio's Bar & Grill has a special offer that all of us will be excited about. It's the "Antonio's Love Story"

Here are the promo mechanics:
  1. Dine-In customers will be given a Valentine promo card which has the 14 dish promo offering. Each customer can choose to order one (1) or a combination of the fourteen (14) dishes and will get a stamp for each order.
  2. One stamp is awarded for every (1) one signature dish and implemented only on the promo card.
  3. The customer should present the Antonio's promo card at the counter to get the corresponding number of stamps at any branch of Antonio's.
  4. Customer must complete the (14) stamps in a promo card to redeem (1) one pair (black or red) of the limited edition of Antonio's couple shirt for FREE!
  5. Combination of promo cards will not be allowed.
  6. Once the stamps are completed in a promo card, the customer can redeem the Valentine Couple Shirt for FREE from any Antonio's branches region-wide.
  7. Tampering of stamps to obtain the required number of stamps will render all promo cards null & void.

Now, you know the mechanics of this special promo, 
What are the 14 Menu Selections that you have to order? 
Well, here they are:
  1. Dinakdakan - Spicy pork mascara blended with special ingredient & mayonnaise, vinegar and spices.
  2. Bagnet - Thinly sliced crispy fried salted pork belly.
  3. Sisig Pusit - Stuffed squid with pork sisig.
  4. Sinigang Hipon - Tamarind sour soup with shrimp and vegetables.
  5. Bulalo - Beef bone marrow soup
  6. Pinaputok na Manok - Deep fried seasoned chicken wrapped in banana leaves.
  7. Balbacua - Stewed ox feet and skin cooked in Antonio's special sauce.
  8. Crispy Bangus sa Inadobong Kangkong & Gata - Crispy fried bangus topped with stewed kangkong and coconut milk.
  9. Binagoongang Gulay - Assorted vegetables sauteed in fermented shrimp and stewed in coconut milk.
  10. Crispy Pata - Deep fried prok knuckles served with soy vinegar dip.
  11. Inadobong Manok sa Gata at Sili - Chicken stewed in vinegar, garlic and soy sauce then coconut milk with added chili fingers.
  12. Inihaw or Crispy Tuna Belly - Deep fried tuna belly.
  13. Frozen Buko Pandan - Frozen salad of buko meat, pandan gelatin and thick cream.
  14. Iced Tea Tower - Nestea Iced Tea served in a convenient tower dispenser.

What are you waiting for? Dine at Antonio's Bar & Grill and win an exclusive couple shirt! 

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