Backyard Burgers - Eats More Fun In This Backyard!

February 16, 2013 - I had plans to eat at Backyard Burgers. But the problem is, I couldn't find time for me to have a perfect day to indulge their mouthwatering burgers! I admit, while looking at their picture, my eyes glued at their burgers, it looks so tempting that made me think to eat their burgers someday.

This day was the perfect day as I had no other things to do but to eat their burger. Together with my blogger friend Angel, we had so much fun! :D

New location at Quimpo Blvd. beside Lechoneros
Backyard Burgers are known for their mouthwatering burgers which even myself couldn't resist to try one. They're also known to have a customized burger which the customers can freely choose anything they want in their burger. I will try it someday. :D

Just this month, Backyard Burgers transferred to its new location. Did I just said "NEW?" Yup! they're now in their new location in Quimpo Blvd. just beside Lechoneros. Their space is much bigger and better.

Inside Backyard Burgers is much bigger and homey! You can already feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere once entering their place. At their previous location, it was small and humid. But now, I could stay longer and have a fun conversation with my family and friends.

This is their new counter. It's of course, bigger and you can even choose a burger that you want right away!

Also in this new location, they also have a bar where you can order liquors.

Here at Backyard Burgers, you can choose what do you want for your burger to be cooked. 
We chose "Well Done" since we're used to it when we eat burgers.

Here is the menu that includes best-sellers.

This is BB Yard Cheeseburger from the Yard Menu. This burger consists of 100% Fresh Pure Beef Patty, Cheddar Cheese, Black Sesame Bun, Tomato Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Home-made Steak Sauce. Describing the burger can make you hungry! :D

Price: 125 Pesos

The presentation of their burger is quite unique. Unlike other burgers that are served with the bun at top covered the ingredients, their burgers are like unfolding of what will you eat. It's an eye-candy and yes, mouthwatering! I just loved how they present their burgers! Truly one of a kind!

I love their Cheeseburger! Hands down! It's so succulent and juicy! Although it's big but who cares? I'm enjoying their burger! The beef patty tasted so good! Honestly, their burger was the juiciest and it packs a lot of meat! I couldn't say more. It's worth the price I've paid. 

If you want to enjoy a juicy burger, you can never go wrong with Backyard Burgers. From the cozy atmosphere to delicious burger, you can definitely enjoy what they can offer to their customers. Many thanks to the owners, Rica and Juan whom they made us feel comfortable. Next time, I'll try their best-sellers and indulge!

If you want to know more about Backyard Burgers, click the following links:

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  1. Mouth-watering ang burgers and it seems a nice, clean place. Laagan ka Jonas ha... I should've been there! xD

  2. Nice jud ilang place.. homey kaayo..

    Sorry, wa taka natawagan. gikapoy ko.. hahaha!

  3. Their burgers look heavenly! And a bar? I'm already a fan :)

  4. The caption eats more fun in the backyard is really catchy and captures the theme of a household burger and barbeque, which is so inviting.

  5. barger is always my favourite,the place is also looking good buddy.

  6. That cheeseburger indeed looks mouth watering. I wanna try it right now

  7. Sad that they don't have much offers for vegetarians. I hope that they can build a special menu which contains about three burgers that are healthier. :)

  8. I love Backyard Burgers! So much! I couldn't resist their tasty burgers :)

  9. Burgers! Oh I lobe 'em all. Will definitely list this on my to do's next month.

  10. Looking at their patty, buns and dressing just made my mouth water. Looks like you have enjoy your treat in backyard burgers. BTW nice meeting you in Chicken Charlie last Friday. lol that was unexpected.

  11. They have big fat fatty and looks juicy. I learned to love burgers with lots of veggies and cheese when I got married to my hubby. I guess and now I enjoys it.

  12. I love burgers. Me and my hubby have a continuous journey with burgers. Everytime we are at a new place, we always make it a point to try burgers. Haha! I think, backyard burgers will be very successfull.

  13. wow, very delicious looking burgers! i love my burger with no tomatoes and onions though. that restaurant seems to be a nice place to eat and hang out.

  14. Thanks so much Jonas :) We <3 You :)


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