Dining Out @ Bigby's - SM City Davao

After the product launching of Godiva, me and my fellow bloggers Paulina, Sharee, and Sarah decided to have some dinner at Bigby's. I have been to Bigby's a lot of times before and I haven't blogged about it! It's the perfect time for me to blog about their resto. :D

This is Grilled Rodeo Chops. It is specially marinated pork chops, grilled, served with rice. In their meal, they also have string beans at the side and garlic mayo for the dip. I chose smaller size since I was not hungry. I just want to fill up my tummy. :D

I don't want to sound so technical so I'll just describe how it tastes. The grilled pork was delicious especially if dipped with garlic mayo. It's a perfect contrast with the delicious taste of pork and sourness of garlic mayo. Some of you may not like the taste but I simply love it!

Sarah ordered Passion Fish. It's a Parmesan-breaded fish fillet with garlic dip and choice of fries or rice.

Paulina ordered a Mango Shake since she was not hungry at that time.

For dessert, Sarah ordered Strawberry Shortcake. It's a layers of strawberries with lightly whipped cream sandwiched between two deliciously butter pound cake. It also has 2 scoops of ice cream on top and a strawberry syrup on the plate.

I had a chance to try this dessert and since I love strawberry, this one was a good hit! I will order this dessert someday if I have time.

Photo by Paulina
This is Sharee's order. It's Beef Tapa. This Beef Tapa is quite different as it is placed in a hot plate. When Sarah poured out the sauce on the Beef Tapa, it sizzled and it's a music to my ears. :D

It was one dinner that I couldn't forget. We shared so many stories about life, being a blogger and Pitch Perfect! haha! Thanks Sarah, Sharee and Paulina for the fun conversation! Until next time folks! :D

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